Über Firma

The company was established on 4.9. 2003. Despite of the short period of its operation it should be mentioned that the activities are based on long-term business experience. With the number of full time employees the company ranks to small companies. In case of need the company is able to immediately increase the working capacity by qualified workers.

The staff has long-term experience with manufacture of plastic products. The company also has good technical background.

The company has recently introduced the quality assurance system in compliance with ISO 9001:2001 standard. The certification was made by BVQI Czech Republic, s.r.o. company in August 2004.

The company, Lumiplast s.r.o., solved problems with rented area and moved to new, reconstructed headquarters and workroom in Lomnice u Tišnova. Production is aimed on plastic and rubber mouldings for energy, motor and furniture industry. It also produces components for engeneering, bicycles and all sort of stoppers.

The objective of LUMIPLAST s.r.o. is a permanent customer orientation, providing maximum production output and high profitability at meeting of high quality of products.

Technical Possibilities

Working hall:900m2
Storeroom: 360m2
Materials:PC, PE, PP, PA6, PA66, ABS, PS, PVC měkčené, PBT, EVA
Maximum weight of moulding: 600g
Forklift: to 3t



The transition of the company to the ownership of Miloš Černík


ISO certificate renewed


Audit for ISO 9001:2009


Moving to new, company owned area, near Tišnov, with big storeroom